Sunday, September 22, 2013

Go Camping! And Fishing!

Anyone receiving SSI (or meeting certain other low-income requirements) is eligible for free vehicle entry and parking at any California State Park. The Golden Bear Pass is only good for one calendar year, so we're either very late or very early with this information.[1]

In addition, California State Parks provide a 50% discount on most facilities (including campgrounds and boat use), parking and entries to Regional Center clients and others with disabilities. See Disabled Discount Pass Application. The pass costs $3.50 and is good for life. Regional Center clients and people with mobility impairments (among others) also may get free fishing licenses. See "Free and Reduced Fee Sport Fishing Licenses". (Application form available for download at the site.)

Available to SSI recipients and anyone with a documented permanent disability is an Access Pass for free entry to U.S. National Parks, as well as discounts to some "expanded amenities" (campsites, swimming, boat launching, etc.). See "Access Pass Benefits". (Apparently, not all parks offer discounts on expanded amenities to Access Pass holders, or discounts may vary, so ask ahead.)
[1]  Also, the Golden Bear Pass does not apply to campsites, boat launching, and other special uses.

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